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Windmill House, Walsh Lane
Meriden, CV7 7JY
United Kingdom

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We specialise in the Sale, Service, Installation and Repair of G-U, BKS & Ferco Products.

Secury Europa Multipoint Locks

GU-SECURY EUROPA Multi-Point Locks

For Timber, Steel, Aluminium and PVC apart­ment entrance and secondary entrance doors.

GU-SECURY EUROPA multi-point locks in detail:

Depending on the lock variant, there are three respec­tively five locking points to pro­vide for a securely locked door

Locking is not done via the key but by moving the door handle upward; this allows for a much better force trans­mis­sion to over­come the frame gasket resi­s­tance.

Brea­king the key by accident is impos­sible.

Easy clo­sing even if the door is warped.

GU-SECURY EUROPA MR / SH: the mas­sive bolts (MR) and the hook bolts (SH) feature a har­dened steel insert making them proof against being sawn through in accor­dance with SKG direc­tives.

GU-SECURY EUROPA R: the adju­stable roller cams optimise the gasket pressure in the upper and lower area of the door, thus pro­viding enhanced tight­ness for better heat and sound insu­la­tion.

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