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We specialise in the Sale, Service, Installation and Repair of G-U, BKS & Ferco Products.

Secury Automatic Multipoint Locks

GU-SECURY Automatic Multi-Point Locks

For Timber, Steel, Aluminium or PVC front doors, exte­rior doors and narrow stile doors.

Self-locking locking sys­tems.

This is how you combine secu­rity with ope­ra­ting comfort automati­cally: with the self-locking locking sys­tems from GU, using the key to actuate the cen­tral bolt is not necessary. As soon as the door is pulled shut, the Automatic latchbolts automati­cally throw 20 mm and are secured against being pushed back by force. Sui­table for pro­jects with fire pro­tec­tion and anti-panic require­ments as well as for private homes, these locking sys­tems are opened by door handle from inside and by key from outside.

GU-SECURY Automatic multi-point locks in detail:

Two Automatic latchbolts throw 20 mm as soon as the door is pulled shut. They automati­cally func­tion as deadbolts which are secured against being pushed back.

Tested for Re­si­s­tance to Pass 23 and Pass 24 with several door sys­tems

VdS approval grade A

Sui­table for 1-leaf and 2-leaf door sys­tems

GU-SECURY Automatic with A-opener

The GU-SECURY types with A-opener feature motor-driven latchbolt retrac­tion (both latchbolts)

Sui­table for barrier-free con­struc­tion in compli­ance with DIN 18040

GU-SECURY Automatic with Panic Func­tion

SECURY Series 21 is the ideal solu­tion for highly sophisticated timber and steel doors which have to meet the highest demands in terms of bur­glar pro­tec­tion, fire pro­tec­tion and escape door sui­tability. The locks also come in a motor-driven ver­sion or with elec­tri­cally coupleable outside handle.

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