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Windmill House, Walsh Lane
Meriden, CV7 7JY
United Kingdom

01676 523063

We specialise in the Sale, Service, Installation and Repair of G-U, BKS & Ferco Products.

BKS Mortise & Panic Locks

BKS Mor­tise Locks

Whe­ther for a timber, steel, aluminium, PVC, or glass door – the exten­sive range of BKS locks surely offers the right mor­tise lock for your parti­cular app­li­ca­tion. As market leader in the escape door lock sector, we natu­rally offer you a broad selec­tion of panic locks. Likewise, our pro­duct range comprises a multitude of locks and access­o­ries for fire pro­tec­tion doors and mor­tise locks to DIN 18251 for internal doors and pro­ject doors. If you have any ques­tions on a pro­duct or its app­li­ca­tion, just ask us.

For timber or steel doors

For your timber or steel doors you receive speci­ally dimen­sioned mor­tise locks with the cor­responding strikers and latch plates to be atta­ched to the door frame. Also for specialised areas

For aluminium or PVC doors

For narrow stile doors with slim and differ­ently rein­forced tubular frames of aluminium or PVC, we offer a broad selec­tion of locks with small back­sets to meet your individual require­ments, regard­less of how special they may be.

Mor­tise lock series 24

Series 24 has been deve­loped to meet special export market require­ments. The rever­sible latch of these locks is mounted on the face­plate cen­trally, which make them 'non-handed', so in other words they can be used for DIN left and DIN right doors.

Series 24 locks for timber and steel doors are ver­sa­tile and can be used for many different app­li­ca­tions. Due to their rever­sible latch, the locks are non-handed, i.e. usable for DIN left and DIN right doors. A night latch func­tion can also be ordered as an option.

Mor­tise lock series 13

With the locks of series 13 you cover a multitude of app­li­ca­tions: they comply with DIN 18251-2 grade 3 for narrow stile door sys­tems and have EN 12209 approval. They are non-handed (DIN lh / DIN rh usable) due to their rever­sible latch.

With its innova­tive modular design, lock series 13 allows for many app­li­ca­tions on narrow stile (aluminium and PVC) door sys­tems. Due to their rever­sible latch, the locks are non-handed (DIN lh / DIN rh usable). More­over, the bur­glary-inhibiting locks are sui­table for use on fire pro­tec­tion and escape doors.

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