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We specialise in the Sale, Service, Installation and Repair of G-U, BKS & Ferco Products.

BKS Cylinders

BKS Secury 3 Star Euro Cylinder

What is a BS Kitemarked 3 Star Cylinder ?

This product is a new generation of high security cylinders designed to withstand all known methods of attack, used by criminals, to gain forced entry into properties by attacking the Euro profile cylinder.

To protect your property this cylinder needs to withstand 5 types of attack: 

Drilling, Picking, Bumping, Snapping & Plug Extraction

Most Kitemarked cylinders will protect against some of these attacks, but as criminals adopt new ways of attacking your cylinder, new ways to protect your door are required. 

To ensure peace of mind and security for your home, GU's recommendation is to fit the BKS Secury 3 Star Kitemarked cylinder, that has been tested in accordance with TS007/2014 .  It is easy to identify a product that has achieved this accreditation, as there will be a BS Kitemark symbol with 3 stars above the logo, stamped on the front of the cylinder, as detailed above.

Overview of Technical Features:

The BKS Secury 3 Star Cylinder is certificated to TS007/2014, and passed this annual assessment for certification in December 2015. The cylinder has technical features that are designed to innovate and protect property from cylinder attacks, below you will find details of these features:

Cylinder snapping is now the most common form of attack in the UK, this is where the attacker snaps the cylinder from the outside and then extracts the cylinder cam. This then allows easy entry through the door by unlocking the attacked door with a key bar tool or screwdriver.

If the BKS Secury 3 Star Cylinder is attacked though, it leaves a plug in the hole and becomes impossible to remove the cylinder cam to gain entry from the outside.  To replace the attacked cylinder simply insert the original key from inside the house and unlock the door as normal, it is then possible to remove the attacked cylinder for replacement.

How to Measure a Cylinder:

The Snap-Safe protection line is located on the External side of the cylinder and must be fitted facing the external side of your door.

Internal Measurement A - Measure from the internal end of the cylinder to the centre of the screw fixing hole.

External Measurement B - Measure from the centre of the screw fixing hole to the external end of the cylinder.

Key information:

3 Keys per cylinder (1 x LED 2 x STD).

Unique LED key light (Safe home feature).

BKS moulded key head for comfort in use.

Unprotected profile (Locksmith can cut keys).

Key code cutting available on request.

Available in Key Alike.

Available in Master Key.

Spare Blank Keys available.

Packaging Information:

High quality retail style packaging.

Clear indication of contents with LED key illustration.

Security symbols on front of packaging with testing logo for customer identification.

Instruction on rear indicating how to measure cylinder for replacement.

Instructions on rear indicating how to replace a cylinder.

QR coding on rear giving direct link to certification and product information.

1x 50mm screw and 1x 70mm screw with each cylinder, product suitable for MPL & Mortise Locks.

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