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Windmill House, Walsh Lane
Meriden, CV7 7JY
United Kingdom

01676 523063

We specialise in the Sale, Service, Installation and Repair of G-U, BKS & Ferco Products.

Lift & Slide

Lift & Slide Hard­ware

As the market-leading innovator of the Lift&Slide ope­ning method, GU boasts an unrivalled range of Lift&Slide hard­ware offe­ring excel­lent ope­ra­ting comfort, reliable bur­glary pro­tec­tion, variable room ven­ti­la­tion, and ease of assembly. The hard­ware is sui­table for timber, PVC and aluminium win­dows and balcony-doors. We also offer an excep­tional night ven­ti­la­tion solu­tion, matching thres­holds and an optional sash speed limiter. What is more, our system solu­tions for Lift&Slide ele­ments fulfil the strict criteria of the German EnEV (energy saving) regula­tion already today.

Manu­ally ope­rated hard­ware

Our manu­ally ope­rated hard­wares come in a variant for sash weights of up to 150/300 kg and in a second variant for up to 300/400 kg. Even the heavy variant pro­vides smoothly run­ning sashes and can be ope­rated with minimum effort.

937 - For sash weights of up to 150/300 kg

Ope­ra­ting it with one hand is a piece of cake: the GU-937 Lift&Slide system is especi­ally suited for light ele­ments. Sliding sashes can be opened very far to pro­vide for a wide pas­sageway.

934 - For sash weights of up to 300/400 kg

The GU-934 hard­ware system enables you to lift, move and close Lift&Slide sashes wei­ghing up to 400 kg with one hand. Also here, the sliding sash opens very far and allows for a wide pas­sageway.


GU offers you ver­sa­tile thres­hold solu­tions. GU-thermostep, for instance, helps you to save energy: requi­ring only a small number of compon­ents, the modular thres­hold system allows for individual pro­file-related system solu­tions.

HS-SPEED Limiter

The HS-SPEED Limiter stops the sash from accele­ra­ting during ope­ning and clo­sing, thus preven­ting damage to the structure and ensu­ring ope­ra­ting safety especi­ally for children. The HS-SPEED Limiter is sui­table for timber, PVC, and aluminium Lift&Slide ele­ments.

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