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We specialise in the Sale, Service, Installation and Repair of G-U, BKS & Ferco Products.

Access Control

Access control sys­tems

Whe­ther an individual door is con­cerned requi­ring single-person access control or large-scale access control in pro­jects with hund­reds of doors: GU-BKS access, GEMOS­ access or GEMOS­ access compact enable you to fulfil any require­ment.

Networked access control for one or more doors: regard­less of whe­ther you are interested in the sim­plest way of pro­gramming wit­hout PC or in the comfor­table manage­ment with an access control software­ – the Gretsch­-Unitas group offers tailored solu­tions to fulfil your require­ments.

Finger Scan or Code Release

Con­ve­nient access – wit­hout key

Bio­me­tric finger­print reco­gni­tion or an individual code ensure con­ve­nient access with no keys whats­oever. Sim­p­li­city of use, con­figu­ra­tion and commis­sio­ning means the system is easily ope­rated by anyone. Finger scan­ners or code keypads can be inte­g­rated in the door leaf, door frame, in the area of the letterbox or in the intercom. The system can be mounted either as an on-wall ver­sion directly on the house wall or in a stan­dard flush box.

GU-BKS Access CSP100 /CSA100 Access Control System

For individual doors

Control unit, RFID card reader, PIN code keypad: with GU-BKS Access CSP 100 / CSA100, eve­r­yt­hing you need for the access control on an individual door is accom­mo­dated in one appli­ance. Except for the power supply unit. In the case of enhanced secu­rity require­ments, the control unit is mounted indoors and connected to a reader outside. Access aut­ho­ri­sa­tions are comfor­tably pro­grammed via master card or master PIN.

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